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Top 5 the most charming box braids styles


We know that natural curly hair is impressive, but we have also learnt that carefully made Box braids are intended to make your life easier. You can forget about styling their sexual blocks for a couple of months. And with stunning hairstyles you will attract attention, admiring looks and sincere smiles.

Needless to say that the box braids hairstyles are one of the most popular style options among African-American women. You are unlikely to find a better choice for your long or short braids that box locks. Black women have a unique type of hair and sometimes it can be quite tricky to take care of it.

In addition, you can experiment with outstanding natural or curly texture, tweezers, patterns, shapes, etc. Therefore, here we want to present a top box braids hairstyles for black women.

Best Box braid hairstyles for black women

1. Marley twists


Black women can turn their uncontrollable curly hair into a beautifully cut thick braided hair just in one minute. If it does not have long locks, there is no need to worry, because you can simply opt box braid for hair extensions. The higher it will be, the better our hairstyle will look. For sure, many would like to have such hairstyle.

2. Braids with accessories


Box braids may have different shapes and styles. They are not created only for long locks, but trying to liven up your funky bob with box braids for box braids bob look. We assure you that your short haircut will get a touch of femininity and elegance. It is a way to update your daily combing and consider using hair accessories to enhance the braids of the box.

3. Braided updo hairstyle box


You do not have time to deal with your long curls? It is obvious that the natural braiding is the best solution, but if you want to keep your tresses from face then go for a braided updo. Undoubtedly, that looks more interesting and creative. Since African-American women have thick curly hair, this style updo is the best.

4. Half up half down hairstyle


Keep your cool look with half updo, which has a nice height on the part of the crown. This style can be made for different occasions. Feel free to use it at formal meetings, etc. The modern twist braids box is quite remarkable. Well, we prefer the modern version of these braids.

5. Sidescan Box Braids


Style box braids depend on your preferences. In these pictures you can see sidescan of the braids or a “glorious box”. Braids box allow you to create your favorite hairstyle: ponytail updo, a half down hairstyle, side sweep, etc. If you think it is difficult to maintain this type of braids then a skilled hairdresser will help you recreate one of the following looks you like most.